Weddings & Events



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With its landscaped gardens, luxurious interiors and first class cuisine, come and discover the perfect venue for your wedding. 

Whether you are planning a small intimate reception or larger gathering, our wedding team’s expertise and attention to detail will ensure you remain worry free from the moment you meet us to the moment you depart.

The grand ballroom which opens out to the landscaped gardens and patio area, provides the ideal setting for opulent wedding gatherings.

As it is surrounded by wild woodland walks and blooming gardens you can relax in the the idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable day with plenty of opportunity to get the perfect photographs of your perfect day.

Our wedding packages include everything you need for a wonderful wedding reception. As we host one wedding a day, our promise to you is the commitment to excellence and attention to detail that will ensure your wedding will be the most memorable day of your lives.

We understand the time and effort put into planning each special event and as such will ensure your wedding is the most wonderful and special occasion that you will look back on with happiness and joy for years to come.


Private Events


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Group Retreats

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